Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews: 5 Top Tables revealed for 2018 - The 5 best miter saw stands of 2018 smallIt is very important to have the right accessories for your tools. If you own a miter saw, your next step should probably be to invest in a good miter saw stand.

While you might be able to construct a make-shift stand by yourself, owning a professionally designed unit can make a huge difference in your work.

If your work surface isn’t stable enough, even the best miter saws, operated by the most skilled people, cannot always perform perfectly accurate cutting.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, a good stand can make for better woodworking and increase cut accuracy.

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The most important reason for buying a miter saw stand, though, is that a saw needs good support for it to be operated safely.

Miter Saw Table Reviews

DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw StandDEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Stand

Weight: 35 pounds
Type: Heavy Duty
Dimensions: 32 x 150 x 9 inches
Best Use: Easily portable and lightweight

DEWALT is known for producing efficient, reliable, reasonably priced tools, and this table is no exception.  Without sacrificing durability and performance, the DWX723 is a reliable performer with a great work capacity and unmatched portability. When doing woodworking, it is essential for many people to be able to easily move their equipment around.

This model is made of lightweight rust-resistant aluminum, making it easier for you to carry it to and from your worksites. What’s more, the DWX723 is a very heavy duty option and is designed to hold up to 500 pounds. This is quite impressive for any type of structure that only weighs 35 pounds.

This unit has been designed to be compatible with almost any brand of miter saw. Included with the DWX723 are 2 mounting brackets and 2 heavy duty work stops. The mounting brackets enable safe and easy mounting of a saw anywhere on the table. The adjustable work stops can be repositioned very quickly and enable you to adjust them for multiple cuts of the same length.

The table is only 6 feet long when it is completely folded, making storage and transportation easy. It can, however, be extended to over 16 feet.  Along with being compact and lightweight, the DEWALT DWX723 also has folding legs. The leg lock levers allow you to set up quick and easily.

It is also guaranteed that you will leave no scratches on the floor since the DWX723 features non-marring guards. Unfortunately it does not come with wheels.

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Folding Miter Saw Stand PM-4000 PortamatePortamate PM-4000 Folding Stand 

Weight 30.1 pounds
Type Folding
Dimensions 44 x 10.2 x 6.1 inches
Best Use Very basic contractor grade stand with a very low price

The very popular Portamate PM-4000 is a strong, stable option that allows for quick and easy set up.  It is a simply designed model with no fancy features. The design is as basic as a beginner can get. This is a contractor grade stand which is priced for the everyday homeowner. You shouldn’t let the price fool you, though.

The Portamate is a high-quality piece of equipment that is constructed of tubular steel and can support up to 500 pounds. Two material supports can be extended to the left and right up to 116 inches apart. This makes for over 10 feet of material support drawn across adjustable 13-inch support T’s.

The Portamate PM-4000 is easy to set up, fold, store and transport. Attaching and detaching a miter saw is made easy with the 20-inch attach mounts that make for quick set up and can be left on the tool itself. This lightweight stand’s folding legs offer great stability and buckle up with a snap-pin pattern. Since the Portamate PM-4000 has one of the most basic designs in this category it, unfortunately, does not come with wheels and rollers.
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Even though the Portamate PM-4000 is designed as a very basic option, Portamate has made extra tool mounts, and an optional wheel kit available for added mobility.

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Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw StandBosch T4B Gravity-Rise Table

Weight 91.6 pounds
Type Gravity-Rise
Dimensions 48.9 x 24.6 x 12.4 inches
Best Use Stable, portable option that is easy to set up

When it comes to fully portable models, the Bosch T4B is by far the one with the highest capacity. The T4B comes with two reliable material stops. This makes it easy to cut long pieces of equal length without any measuring required. The extensions can easily accommodate up to 16 feet of material. The Bosch T4B is made from tubular coated steel. This makes it a bit heavier than other stands. However, the 8-inch pneumatic wheels still make for easy transport.

This unit comes with the latest in patented gravity rise systems that allow for very quick set up and break down. This gravity system makes it easy to bring it into a horizontal position, even with a saw attached. The levelling feet are also adjustable. This means that the Bosch T4B can stand firmly even on uneven surfaces.

The tool mount has a rapid release capacity which can accommodate miter saws from other brands. This makes it compatible with most competing brands of miter saws. The only drawback of the T4B could be the price, which is 50% higher than saw stands of lower quality. However, for maximised precision, versatility and efficiency, it is well worth the extra money.

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Ridgid AC9945 Miter Stand Utility VehicleRidgid AC9945 Miter Stand Utility Vehicle

Weight 65.5 pounds
Type Stand Utility Vehicle
Dimensions 52.5 x 22.5 x 10.6 inches
Best Use Universal option that is very stable

The Ridgid AC9945 has a stable surface allowing for maximum precision and is perfect for simple, safe storage and mobility. It is constructed from heavy duty steel. This makes it slightly heavy but provides strength and support for even the most demanding use. The large wheels luckily make for easy transportation and the upright folding design allows for easy storage. The AC9945 is almost completely universal. You don’t need a Ridgid miter saw to use this model, since it is compatible with most miter saws that weigh up to 500 pounds.

The AC9945 is easy to operate and assemble with only two tool mounts and a set of bolts. This enables you to simply fasten the mounts to your saw and set the whole assembly on the work stand’s rails. After adjusting it to your preference, just lock the two mounts in place and it’s ready for work. The Ridgid has work supports that are adjustable for height and has stops on each side which can be used for cutting numerous pieces to the same length.  Furthermore, the large dedicated work surface is great for placing tools such as your square or tape measure and can also be used as a writing surface.

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DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw StandDEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand

Weight 40.9 pounds
Type Heavy duty yet portable
Dimensions 9 x 20 x 34 inches
Best Use Lightweight design that makes for easy portability

The DEWALT DW7440RS is an extremely lightweight option at only 33 pounds. The DEWALT DW7440RS is constructed from aluminium, making the saw stand both strong and about 20% lighter than other models on the market.

Lighter does not necessarily mean less stable, though. The DW7440RS is supported with offset rear legs, a wide base and a heavy duty kickstand that all keep it very stable. The brackets included in the kit can also be quickly connected and disconnected, making for easy detachments while loading material.

The folding legs can retract fully into the frame for easy portability and mobility. The release levers are quick to collapse, further lessening the transport size. The only problem with the DW7440RS is that it needs to be side-laid before the legs can be folded. The large, heavy duty wheels are built to roll over almost any terrain, though.

Along with this, a retractable soft grip handle can be slid out when you need to transport your stand. This handle allows you to pull the saw behind you comfortably, keeping the weight centred close to the ground and reducing strain on you back and arms.

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Features to consider when selecting a miter saw table

When selecting a miter saw stand, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Firstly, you will have to determine whether you need a model that is easily portable. If you are going to keep your unit stationary in your workshop for example, portability won’t be an issue for you.

However, if you are going to frequently transport it to different locations, the portability of your stand will be very important. You will also have to look at how easy your miter saw stand is to use. While some units are very easy and quick to set up and break down, others have a more laborious process.

a sturdy table gives a safe and solid foundation for working with your miter saw

A sturdy table makes it much safer to work with a miter saw

For maximum mobility and portability, you will have to consider the material that the miter saw stand is made of. Aluminum alloys are especially lightweight, yet strength will not be compromised. If you are looking for better performance and less mobility, however, a stainless steel frame might be best for you. The material also influences the durability of the stand. Strong tubular steel makes for the strongest, most durable stands. Weight is not the only factor that influences portability and mobility.  You should also look out for other features that will make portability easier, such as wheels, the size of the stand and whether it is able to fold up. Pneumatic wheels and a compact design will definitely make your miter saw table easier to transport.

Another, very important thing to consider is the universality of the design. If you have a miter saw and stand from the same manufacturer, this will not be a problem. However, for a miter saw stand to be truly useful, it should be able to accept miter saws of all brands and models.  Most stands are designed to be used with a variety of saws, but it is essential to first make sure whether your stand will work with the saws that you already own.

Lastly, your miter saw stand should be able to handle the materials you are going to be working with. If you will be regularly working with longer blocks of wood, you should think about buying a stand with an extendable support option. Along with this, keep in mind that most miter saw stands have the capacity to handle only 300 pounds. When working really big jobs, though, it might be better to invest in a stand that can handle up to 500 pounds.

Which miter saw stand to buy?

The outcome of your cutting work with a miter saw can significantly be improved by a good solid foundation. There are several miter saw tables on the market that you can choose from, but it is very important to take into account which features are the most important to you.

All of the abovementioned products have been made to make your life more safe and comfortable when using a miter saw. For a more simply designed option that won’t break your budget, it might be good to consider the DEWALT DWX723, Portamate PM-4000 or the DEWALT DW7440RS. Even the most basic design of the Portamate PM-4000 will still ensure a high-quality, stable stand. If your budget is a bit bigger, though, features such as the large dedicated work surface of the Ridgid AC9945 and the patented gravity rise system of the Bosch T4B make for good buys.

When looking at better portability, the Bosch T4B, Ridgid AC9945, and DEWALT DW7440RS all boast a set of wheels that will make it much easier for you to transport your stand over any terrain. The lightweight structures of the DEWALT DWX723 and the DEWALT DW7440RS also help with portability.  If you are rather in the market for a more durable option, though, the steel constructions of the Portamate PM-4000, Bosch T4B, and DEWALT DW7440RS are what you will be looking for.

All of these miter saw tables are great quality equipment, you just have to decide which one will be the best for your budget and needs.

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